Use your mobile phone as Bluetooth Modem

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I thought I would throw this trick out so that someone will get benefit. You can use this trick with most  mobile phones but it is tested in Nokia E-Series. I will be grateful for feedback on other mobile phone too. And…this is Ubuntu thing, though it can work in other Linux distributions too!

Procedure – Apparatus:

You will need only blueman blue-tooth manager. In Ubuntu, you can use either synaptic or the simplest way, apt-get. In other distros, you have to find a way to install using your package manager. So I assume you use Ubuntu and here are procedure:

1. Open bash terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)

2. throw below command which will install blueman

sudo apt-get install blueman

3. Accept to install it (type y and hit return key)

Voila! You just installed it!

If you think you are Linux maverick, then download latest version and do the commandline stuffs that I will not cover here!

Now to be sure you installed it, you will see two blue-tooth icon on panel, one for native Gnome and another for blueman.

Then you are ready to go! If you cannot see the icons, repeat the process. If fails, post a comment and I will try to help!

Ready? Let’s Go!

Once blueman is installed, then you are ready to go! start blueman, either by clicking an applet icon on blueman manager or by typing blueman-manager command on bash. If you did right, you will get window similar to one below!

Now, switch on your phone’s blue-tooth and click search tool-button.  It will search and find your phone. If it finds none, then may be you should set visibility of your mobile blue-tooth settings to be visible to everyone. If you do things right, you will find your device just like screenshot below:

Good! Then select the phone in the list and  click add tool-button (a small green + image on th toolbar) or right click device and then click add device (or something like that). Then add device to list of trusted device by clicking little star-like tool-button. As in any other case of pairing, blueman will ask you pairing PIN, put anything like 1234 or 3333 or anything in screen. Your phone will prompt you for the same. Enter the same code.

That is fine so far! Now right click device, in blueman window and Click: Serial Ports->Dial Up Networking

If no error encountered, then your applet must change and have little green “dot”, just like shot below. If not post errors you get!

That is right. Your mobile phone will be added to your phone. If not add it as Mobile broadband. If you don’t know how to do it, post a comment and I will be happy to think of tutorial. Since previously I added it when using USB port, the device came automatically! The screenshot is as shown below!


Click the device and it will connnect!

Glory be to Jesus My Lord, and enjoy all of you!


2 thoughts on “Use your mobile phone as Bluetooth Modem

  1. Note, you will need to have blue-tooth adapter in your laptop for it to work. Laptops without bluetooth adapter won’t work
    Thanks to David Childers of Daniweb for pointing this important detail!

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