Hosanna Teevstevemd has contributed to DaniWebchnologies blog, is personal Techie blog bringing you tips and tricks from Linux and Software developer. Although It is my professional, I treat it as a hobby thing. I love to ramble mostly on C++ and wxWidgets, PHP and its close friend MySQL in their best house Apache. Also Some Pythoning, much of it for useless repeatable things and much scripting.

Although I have used Mandriva, Fedora, and a bit of Suse, I found myself settled on Ubuntu. I love Lucid Lynx box and I use daily, although I do some windowing. I miss a lot bash, when I’m in windows, so I always   do hurry back to Buntu! To me software engineering is all about funny!

Recently I decided to do a big project and I think it will be the first biggest project I have ever had. Follow my blogs and I will be updating daily! In summary I enjoy doing techie things simply because God made them for us to enjoy them. Happy programming and enjoy the tricks!





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